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The UpLevel Frequency Team fosters a non-poaching environment and adheres to strict ethical standards of the MLM and Direct Selling industry.
The purpose of this group is to provide information about HEALY WORLD (the MLM business opportunity), the HEALY frequency device and TIMEWAVER (the parent company to HEALY WORLD).
If you are interested in purchasing a HEALY frequency device or enrolling as a HEALY WORLD Member, PLEASE CONNECT WITH THE PERSON WHO ADDED YOU TO THIS GROUP! If you do not know who added you then please ask… an Admin will assist you! If you joined this group without being invited and are not connected to a Distributor, please message the Admin for assistance or email UpLevelFrequency@gmail.com and you will be connected with a fantastic upline sponsor to help you get started!
STRICTLY ENFORCED…if you are a HEALY WORLD Member, please be respectful and only prospect the individuals you have personally added to this group. You may not attempt to persuade any other member to purchase or enroll with you if you did not personally add them (invite them) to this group. This includes posting your link to this group, commenting with your link on any posts and/or direct messaging any members of this group. Anyone who violates this will be removed permanently.
Additionally, you may not PROSPECT for any other business opportunity within this group. This includes posting links, commenting with information or links and/or direct messaging any members of this group with information or invitations to join other opportunity/product groups.