Yesterday, I talked about how we purchased our microcurrent device to help alleviate my husband’s pain and activate his healing. His primary complaint was pain, tightness, and inflammation in his knees. We had tried acupuncture, chiropractic, Chinese medicine, injections, creams, vitamins, exercise, supplements, and snake oils to no avail. Initially he did not find relief with his knees but what did happen with THAT FIRST USE was nothing short of a MIRACLE! He had been on a steady bedtime routine of taking high amounts of Benadryl and melatonin to sleep and still he would wake around 3-4am with nightmares and unable to fall back asleep. The very first time he scanned himself using the Resonance program he found sleep to be the issue that popped up. That night he laid down to sleep with the Balanced Sleep program running. Within 15 minutes he was soundly sleeping only to be woken up by the program alarm signaling its completion. Turning it off, he immediately fell back asleep and slept soundly (without any snoring!) for the next 8 hours! It had been years and years since he had slept so well! Now he uses it every night and it works every time. I love it because the loud snoring that many would call apnea has completely gone away! It’s made the way his mornings go 100% better!
Also, after running some more programs and over time, he has mostly stopped complaining about tightness and pain in his knee! He’s now able to walk up and down stairs (& ladders) with much greater ease. This is huge because his knees had been worsening the past couple years impacting his daily tasks. This little frequency medicine device has been an energetic miracle in our lives!