Sometimes I feel like a big ol’ braggart. But here’s the thing… I talk about my wins because that’s what life should be— a series of wins. I’ve done the work to Up-Level my vibration. I’ve learned about emotions. I’ve deep-dived into the depths of my brain. I’ve taken responsibility for my belief system and examined my shadow. I’ve done the work. Naturally it would be time for God to bring me the tools needed for me to go farther. You see, things in my space manifest very quickly because my vibration stays high. I use Healy as a tool to stay in the upward space. I use Healy to take responsibility for my health. I use Healy to show me what’s happening in my etheric field. I use Healy to become the best I can be. I fully embrace that God has given me all I need. With that, I will continue to talk about my wins. I will continue to use my voice to speak out about injustice and stupidity. If I cause just one person to think, to embark the journey of self-discovery, to Up-Level their emotional lives and thus increase their vibration, I have changed the world. Technology is a gift from the Creator. It is a divinely inspired idea from Infinite Intelligence. That’s why I’ll continue to shout from the beach and all the highest mountains about the Up-Leveling effects of becoming in alignment and how has positively impacted my life. If you need help getting to the High-Points start with actively working to change your emotional state. Start with intentional laughter and see what comes…the better it gets, the better it gets!