My formative years were spent in Atlanta. I was a teen allowed to run up and down the road from I-20 to I-75. Those are the years I spent making mistakes I had no idea I was making…It’s okay. There’s no sense staying in shame and guilt over choices I made when I didn’t know any better. I’ve done the work. It time for complete Self-FORGIVENESS and to let that shit go. Yesterday, it’s like I was given new opportunity to re-write my history with this great city. At our job, middle of the day, the hotel owner invited us in for a 7 year anniversary celebration and served the most delicious authentic Indian food. In the evening we finally met a colleague that’s been directly responsible for securing us the work that allows us to travel the country the past several years. We celebrated his wife’s birthday and played lively games of Duck Pin Bowling and Feather Bowling – both were hilarious! His 2 and 4 year old entertained us with a soulful rendition of Elsa’s “Let It Go” while his father in law reminded me of the landscape I had grown up around. I’m ever so grateful for this opportunity to re-write the stories of my past, to walk in the shoes of my parents, understanding that the decisions they made were the best they knew how to make. It is an act of Self-Love to allow Forgiveness to take hold. It’s an act of long overdue healing to Let Go of the Past. It may have taken years to become open to the Inner Work required to Up-Level my wellness, but…I’m here. It is good.